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-A creative and beautifully Hypothesis of Dr. Einstein's equations-

Author : sey /one of the SGI members of Japan
1 nov 2018

All things is existing in the Space-Time.
And, this perspective is exactly Reality.
The things is having two states of existing or not-existing.
For example, Life has lives or death.
Now, Existing is T1, Not-existing is T2, and Reality is R.
T1 = f (1)
T2 = f (0)
R = f (0,1)
T1&T2 are Things. Of course R is Reality.
X,Y,Z is Cubic. And, T is Time.
R = f (X,Y,Z,T)
R = f (T1,T2)

1 Einstein's equations【Simple version】
2 Elementary knowledge
3 Difference in Things and Reality
4 Space-time idea【Theoretical comparison between Newton and Einstein】
5 Logic constitutions of Dr. Einstein
6 Einstein's equations【Details version】
7 Nichiren's Buddhism and the SGI's Development of the philosophy

1 Einstein's equations【Simple version】
Normal condition in the change.

Change in the normal condition.

Nothing increases and nothing decreases, but always changes.

And, this normal condition is Reality. It's expressed with the phenomenon.

G μ ν + Λ g μ ν = κ T μ ν

It is as follows when reading the component of the Einstein's equations from the left side to the right side.

Speed of light×Temperature×Measured Speed + Elementary particle×Gravity×Measured Speed = Measured Time×Electron×Temperature×Measured Speed

Here, not using the factorization.

The right side κ is Time and measured space(= measured time×measured speed).

As a whole, it's meaning Cubic and Time.

Thus, it is written as the following four-dimensional equation.

R = f (x,y,z,t)

2 Elementary knowledge
The right side and left one in the mathematical expression.
One solution.

Mathematics and Physics
There are a lot of solutions.

Analysis method and Deductive method
The analysis method or the inductive method that Western science is based on is outlook on part that assumes given condition uniformity.
When given condition is different and changes, conclusions are different.
【Example】The human body is five bodies, but there is not it with a human being even if gathering the bodies.
The deductive method that Oriental philosophy is based on is holism to premise interdependence relations.
However, it is led to the wrong conclusion when taking the wrong precondition.
【Example】The Japanese who is in Japan speaks Japanese.
The keyword is Interdependence relations or Co-operative relation.

Integral calculus equation
y = f (x1,x2,x3,・・・,xn)dx
dx is the mere mark of Differential calculus. It means a sliced unit of x.
Additionally, Integral calculus equation is including the Element of Differential equation, dx.

Philosopher paradox of Zenon of the ancient Greece

The flying arrow stops.

Thinking that sophism or interesting, otherwise denying that not Reality, it is the mere different viewpoint.

When a moving body as a subject, the high speed consecutive copy of photograph is still image.
But, a sequence of photographs that can give the illusion of motion when viewed in rapid succession.
We receive it as an entertainment in the reality life.
It is, so to speak, the set of the still image having a constant vector.
The trace when flew the arrow is provided as output if input is muzzle velocity, projection angle, gravity, air resistance by a function.
R =f (v,a,g,r)
This is the Reality. The further argument becomes waste.

3 Difference in Things and Reality
Regardless of a real number or an imaginary number, the following function is usefully in dealing with all things that exist in the Space-Time.
R = f(X,Y,Z,T)
In this Four-dimensional equation: X,Y,Z is Cubic, and T is Time.

Time is a relationship concept with oneself, it's not having length.
Having length is Hour or Hours.
Therefore, Time is dissolved in a context concept.
Cause is before, and Result is back with one way.
In the arts, it is expressed Eternal Time, Flow of Time or so.
In addition, this four-dimensional equation is expressed with the Excel sheet as follows,
R = @sum(X,Y,Z,T)
Here, @ is unit level, sum is of course SUM or TOTAL.

4 Space-time idea【Theoretical comparison between Newton and Einstein 】
Newton's Space-time idea
Absolute time & Absolute space
This is denied theoretically. Of course, in the daily life, the trouble does not occur in this.

Dr. Einstein's Space-time idea
Time is measured by Space.
Space is measured by Time.
Space-time is not having the absoluteness, it's a concept of Co-operative relation.

By the way,
Interdependence relations
Co-operative relation
The latter is better for a concept and accords with the Oriental deductive method.

Time and Space
Here, dividing between Time and Space.
【Example】When it is fun, time is instant. But it's the disliked task, time is so long.
There are two of time of the life time and the physical one. Life-Time is original Time.
Time is a concept of Co-operative relation.
【Example】The love does not make remote distance a problem distantly.
There are two of space of the life space and the physical one. Life-Space is original Space.
Space is a concept of Co-operative relation.

5 Logic constitutions of Dr. Einstein
It consists of three elements as follows,
@Light has Matter.
AExpanding universe theory.
【Speed of Light and Expanding. The Maximum of these speed is Speed of Light×Speed of Light with a same vector】
BThe following four-dimensional function is usefully in dealing with all things that exist in the Space-Time.
R =f (x,y,z,t)
It is meaning Cubic and Time. R is Reality.

By the way, it is thought that the philosopher of the highest peak based on the Western modern rationalism has no objection in Kant, but there is the following mention about the ultimate reality at the "Critique of Pure Reason" end.

Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.

Two persons, Theoretical physicist Einstein: (AC1879-1955) and Philosopher Kant:( AC1724-1804), talk about a totally similar things.

6 Einstein's equations【Details version】
(1)Einstein's equations
This bold hypothesis is never denied.

G μ ν + Λ g μ ν = κ T μ ν

Speed of light×Temperature×Measured Speed + Elementary particle×Gravity×Measured Speed = Measured Time×Electron×Temperature×Measured Speed

Left side of Equations: Space-time curvature.
Right side of Equations: Total amount of Matter-Energy.
If an approximate quantity is injected through the process of Input in Right side, then, in the Left one that Distortion of space is read, as a result, the quantity that is Output changes

(2)Relation of equation in the matter-energy

E = mc2

m: matter
C: Speed of light
E: Energy
By the process of input of Matter and「speed of light + Blast wave」in the right side, the enormous energy being given out.
This is the true that an enormous destructive power by U.S. Manhattan Project by the burst of an atomic bomb made with plutonium daringly in the sky in Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

Physics can be defined as the science of matter, motion, and energy.
The physical basic measure unit generally use 4 units: Matter, Length, Time, Temperature.
But, in the case of using Greek characters, a numerical expression is given an unique meaning.
Greek characters(Capital letter, Small letter, English characters)
G μ mu
Ν ν nu
Λ λ lambda
Γ γ gamma
Κ κ kappa
T  τ tau
Roman characters(Capital letter, Small letter, English characters)
G g gee(To correspond to Γ in Greek characters)
Einstein's equations with Capital letter,
Einstein's equations with Small letter,
(μ×μ×ν)+(λ×γ×μ×ν)= κ×τ×μ×ν
But, using Capital or Small letter, there are feelings of Dr. Einstein.
The 3 capital letters of Einstein's equations are as follows,
G: Speed of light
Λ: Elementary particle
T: Electron
【For Additional】
G μ・・・「Speed of light + Blast wave」speed: mu →measured length = 3 Space-time coordinate = xyz Axis
ν・・・measured speed×measured time: nu  
Λ・・・Elementary particle: lambda
g・・・Gravity: gamma
μ・・・Temperature: mu
κ・・・measured time: kappa→1 Space-time coordinate = t Axis
T・・・Electron: tau
@Light is not Matter, but has the character that is Matter.
AElementary particle is not Matter , but has the character that is Matter.
BElectron is Matter, but has the character that is not Matter.

(3)About Dr.Einstein
It is necessary to dig into five phases of the consideration to get the perspective of a certain person.
@Aspect and Nature(Phenomenon)
BLanguage-culture style(Back ground)
CHuman Being
DThe ultimate Reality

Entity and the ultimate Reality are such like,
It is an idea of Co-living and Integration.

I, the author, estimate Einstein's hypothesis that is so beautiful and creative.
A feeling person, the impressionable social honor of later years, loneliness to wait for time as a pioneer, admiration to a psychological world: we can know him with a book, a picture.
It becomes conclusively before he is a theoretical physicist when he is one human being.
In additional, an evaluation of the great man is often not settled during the lifetime. It’s a teaching of the history.
With an attention to the Space-time curvature of Einstein's equations, I can also say about Human Society as follows,
A good person makes good society and world peace is realized.
A bad person of authority makes a curved State, causes war, and makes People unhappy.

Einstein talked as follows,
It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

(4)My viewpoint
I , the author, tried the following approach as one Oriental who learned Light and Shadow of the Western modern rationalism from youth to now senior.
@I distribute Reality and Things, and explain all.
AWith the Oriental deductive method, I propose an idea of Co-operative relation.
BRegardless of what period and where from, the great men said the same thing for an illustration.: Philosopher Kanto, Theoretical physicist Einstein and Buddhism practitioner Nichiren.
CAs one senior SGI members of Japan, I adopted the technique to convey in English sentence about Nichiren's Buddhism and the SGI's Development of the philosophy.

7 Nichiren's Buddhism and the SGI's Development of the philosophy
Nichiren: AC1222-1282
A one of the core theory of Nichiren's Buddhism is "The ten factors of Life"
【Defining】T1&T2 are Things. And, R is Reality.

The ten factors of Life
(Static state/Reality)
T1=f (1)
T2=f (0)
R=f (0,1)
(Dynamic state)
CPower: Life Force
DInfluence: Output to outside
ECause: Cause and Effect of Life
FRelation: Input from outside
GEffect: Cause and Effect of Life
HRequital: Happiness or Unhappiness
IConsistency from beginning@to endH

This means Consistency and The individual nature of each person in the Space-Time.

T1=f (1)
T2=f (0)
Of course,
R=f (0,1)
R=f (T1,T2)
The precondition is Eternalness of Life: No-beginning and No-ending.

Nichiren's Buddhism teaches “Here now”. It is Reality from the distant past and to the end of the world.
Time is dissolved in a context concept.
Cause is before, and Effect is back with one way.

Mr. JOSHI TODA talked as follows,
The more science advances, the more correctness of the Life-law of the Buddhism is proved, and people understands it's greatness.
World peace is the way that the human being should go ahead through.
Mr. DAISAKU IKEDA say as follows,
Behavior as a human being is the most important thing that talk and act among the people.
There is the member of SGI now in 192 countries and areas of the world.
By the point of view in wish of happiness of oneself and others, anyone or wherever, our member will say as follows,

The ultimate reality is Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
Now together, let's chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!


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