Beyond the isolated and divided society

Beyond the isolated and divided society -Paradigm shift of the reversal-

Author: sey /one of the SGI members of Japan
6 may 2019

1 The feature of our time
2 Five phases of the consideration
3 Difference between Deductive method and Inductive method
4 The negative inheritance of the Westerner and Japanese
5 Essential question 【Qu'est-ce que c'est ?】
6 Special person or Ordinary Peoples
7 Japan and major country evaluation
【Reference material】

1 The feature of our time
【Conclusion】Most important viewpoint
①Having future forecasts②Acting here, now③Thinking in the world standard
All is decided whether these are made.
Now, I think human generation is 30 years unit. And history is 100 years unit or century unit.
Originally generation gap occurs with different generations by the reason of Spirit of times or "Zeitgeist", Education level,The tendency that an old generation does not want to change one's sense of values or is so.
I mean previous generation, current generation and next generation: For example parents, one's own and children.
However, it is a historical fact that role allotment is clear in the feudal age, and there was not a generation gap in normal condition society throughout world anywhere.
A generation gap occurs because of an economic-social sudden change now.
I visited around 50 countries of the world in the Five Continents. A modern building stands in the center of the capital in country of any place and lines up; Similar scenery. In addition, I can enjoy comfortable hotel life.
A thing characterizing the present age is a wave of the globalization of the world simultaneous progress. Most of the past knowledge is worthless, if daringly I say.
As for the present age, the speed of the economic-social change is fast. So, institution, thought system, subordinate concept are changed in Japan in 3-5 years. In other words a paradigm shift is taking place now. Therefore, I learn from the past history and think the far-off future. This is my attitude.
Arnold Toynbee denied national sense of history nor hero sense of history. And, he proposed civilization sense of history. So, I think as follows; The State protects the living of the Peaples and exists to do them wealthily. If it is not made, there is not a meaning of the State existence.This is a self-evident truth. →See ref.
①It loses a meaning now to list the history from the past.【Descending order】→Of course it is effective for literature and biographical material.
②Because it is a relationship concept to learn in the past of the history, we should sail it up from the present to a necessary point in time.【Ascending order】→See Table 2 and 3(The negative inheritance)
So, I propose "The paradigm shift of the reversal". The leading role is not the establishment but "The peoples", hear now.
In addition, a scholar and a commentator are roles to provide a variety of sense of values, but do not bear absolute liability.

2 Five phases of the consideration
It is necessary to dig into five phases of the consideration to get the perspective of a certain person.
①Aspect and Nature(Phenomenon)
③Language-culture style(Back ground)
④Human Being(④-1 Individualism ④-2 All mankind)
⑤The ultimate Reality(Incomparable dignity)

3 Difference between Deductive method and Inductive method
According to table 1.

【Table 1】Difference between Deductive method and Inductive method

【Attention】Of course this Japanese(Easterner) Way of Life is influence of Buddhism. An undercurrent of the culture structure of the Japanese peoples has the principle of Humanism or "Wa". "Wa" means harmony. The principle of Humanism being never fades.

4 The negative inheritance of the Westerner and Japanese(Easterner)

→See Table 2 and 3

【Table 2】The Western history -The negative inheritance of the Westerner-6 centuries

【Attention】Of course, 21 century is not for the Easterner but for the World Citizen.

【Table 3】The histry of Japan-The negative inheritance of the Japanese【From the "Edo" Shogunate to Here,now】-4 centuries



【Attention】Because there is neither the doctrine nor the sacred book, the Japan-"Shinto" is not religion but a simple ceremony. I regard lack of this religion feeling as the cause that followed a course to the miserable war.
【Attention】The Emperor's direct administration has been never performed in the history of Japan.
【Attention】Kazunomiya koka:The marriage of Kazunomiya Imperial princess to the "Edo"shogunate,from Kyoto to Tokyo.
【The negative inheritance of the Japanese】
It is merely the change or struggle of dynasty.
1603-1945(343years, 4 centuries from 17 century to 20 century)
①Policy of seclusion ②Buddhist temples certified people as members of not a church but a temple ③The Ordinance Distinguishing "Shinto" and Buddhism ④The compulsion of the State Shintoism
【Attention】"Rei-wa"means Beautiful harmony.

5 Essential question 【Qu'est-ce que c'est ?】
Who am I? ,where coming from and where going to.
This is a question of the essential question for all mankind who does not change any where anytime.
The following function is usefully in dealing with all things that exist in the Space-Time.
R = f(X,Y,Z,T)
In this Four-dimensional equation: X,Y,Z is Cubic, T is Time, and R is the ultimate Reality →See【2 Five phases of the consideration】
Of course, it applies to life philosophy, lives and death【Alliance and non-alliance】.
It is the concept of the relationship in the Space-Time and is not absolute things.
Here now, about 220 decentralization states exist in the world. I can right express this situation with "absence of the peace". Over again, I mean here now, not Internationalism but Transnationalism.
The motto is World Citizen.
The purpose and destination are World Peace.
The Model are on the whole UN(1945-), regionally EU(1993-) and AU【African Union】(2002-)
This attitude is such like,
"Joy through Misery" by Beethoven Symphony No.9.
Ever-challenging the front, higher and wider to the end of future.
The general rule of Humanism where existence never weakens is the self-evident truth.
Again it means the mother Earth, the mother Lands, the mother Sea, and all children are born from a woman. It is so fantastic things.

6 Special person or Ordinary Peoples  
(1)Politics of the People,by the People,for the People.
This word by Lincoln is the most brilliant explanation what is Democracy.
Of course, "Ordinal peoples" mean in Historical view of the leading role not "Special person" here now.
I propose in our age that we must settle past "negative inheritance":For Japanese(Easterner)is 4 centuries ,and for Westerner is 6 centuries. →See Table 4
I dislike the person who is mean about a ghost of the power, a person of egoist and a person of compulsive preoccupation with money.
Nonetheless it is view of life of the person and is sense of values.
Not an argument and a debate, talks to find each other's coincidences are the first step to find peace.
Hate the sin and love the sinner.(By Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) →See ref.
It is power of another person words that it will enable one to overcome isolation and division. Of course "person" means "Ordinary Peaples" here.

(2)Securing and training human resources 
In what kind of organization or group, this does not turn into important one to future end. It is a youth and a woman particularly anywhere.
Not education for society, it is society for education. The state is made by the Peoples, and peoples are made by the Education.
In our age,
Economic-society ≧ State(Country).
I say "Globalization" of the world simultaneous progress.
Thinking in not international standards but world standard, and let's act for world peace. Because the peace is a thing built in the heart of peoples.
Child education・・・The purpose is getting knowledge and ability for future happiness.
Adult education・・・The purpose is providing the equal opportunity including recurrent education.
The common point is "Equality of opportunity" in the education.
It's the deciding by the sense of values, view of life what oneself learn at that time. It is a standard of the "Diversity society".
School and Liberal-arts are important together. Usually choosing either at the age of 18 years old.
The former is intended to put on knowledge and technique to take a qualification at a school. It matches Farmer, Craftsman, Engineer, Nurse, Medical docter or is so.
The latter learns basic education and thought pattern at a university. It is free what study you learn, and there is the freedom not to learn at the university. For example, like me.
By the way,
"AI" means Artificial Intelligence. Of course, "Artificial" is not natural but manmade or malicious. It is not over a simple convenient tool. I know Principles of Human-centric AI society. But, I strongly recommend people-watching, nature observation without having a smartphone.

(3)Nichiren's Buddhism and the SGI's Development of the philosophy
Nichiren: AC1222-1282
He is not a Priest nor a Preacher, but a Practitioner of Buddhism.
A one of the core theory of Nichiren's Buddhism is "The ten factors of Life"
T1&T2 are Things. And, R is Reality.
The ten factors of Life
(Static state/Reality)
T1=f (1)
T2=f (0)
R=f (0,1)
(Dynamic state)
④Power: Life Force
⑤Influence: Output to outside
⑥Cause: Cause and Effect of Life
⑦Relation: Input from outside
⑧Effect: Cause and Effect of Life
⑨Requital: Happiness or Unhappiness
⑩Consistency from beginning①to end⑨
This means Consistency. And,the individual nature of each person in the Space-Time.
T1=f (1)
T2=f (0)
Of course,
R=f (0,1)
R=f (T1,T2)
The precondition is "Eternalness of Life"; No-beginning and No-ending.
Nichiren's Buddhism teaches “Here now”. It is Reality from the distant past and to the end of future.
Time is dissolved in a context concept.
Cause is before, and Effect is back with one way.
All are different, and all are good.(By Misuzu Kaneko) →See ref

7 Japan and major country evaluation
According to table 4.

【Table 4】Japan and major country evaluation【1/may/2019】


【Attention】By statistics for 2017 year,the world weapon export is 31,068,000,000 US dollars. And,the 60% is America & Russia. It is a meaning that weapons also using for the proxy war in a dispute country and area.

Buddhism of the Peoples, by the Peoples, for the Peoples.
Forever with SENSEI, my Mentor.

【Reference material】
"The Struggle for Law"(1872)
German law-philosopher, Rudolf von Jhering(1818-1892)
All law of the world was won by right struggle.
Of course this is always reality not to change. And, it's meaning one of origins of law.

"Critique of Practical Reason"(1778)end by Philosopher Kant:( 1724-1804)
Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.
Of course the moral law is another one of origins of law.

"A diplomat in Japan"(1869)
Ernest Satow(1843-1923) wrote this book.
He stayed in Japan as an English diplomat for 25 years, having a Japanese wife(kane Takeda) and 3 children. And, he reports Japan of the turbulence to shift from the early modern feudal age to the individualism era of modern age.

"The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture"【"Kiku" to "Katana"】(1946)
Ruth Benedict(1887-1948) wrote this book.
She was one of the American cultural anthropologists. However, she has never visited Japan. She propose cultural difference in Westerner and Easterner (Japanese) to be crime and shame. The shame culture is soldier's one. And, the crime culture is religion's one, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and others.
In Japan history, "Bushido"or Soldier-spirit has never became the ground of ordinary peaples. The same thing applies to way of tea "Sadou", flower arrangement "Kadou" .

Cool head, but warm heart. It’s a word of Alfred Marshall(1842-1924), one of the classical economists.
According to knowledge of the present brain science, I replace “head” with “brain”.
Cool brain, but warm heart.
This word talk about attitude of the study.

Japanese poetess Misuzu Kaneko(1903-1930)
“With me and a small bird and a bell”(1923)
All are different, and all are good.
In Japan, this concept is used at the start in the welfare field for the handicapped including ASD(autism spectrum disorder), and it is wide now and is used in a meaning of the human diversity. Alliance and non-alliance【Life and non-life】are the deductive method that is characteristic of life philosophy of Buddhism.

Arnold Toynbee(1889-1975)
He is the greatest historian in the 20th century.
"Choose life" A Dialogue by Arnold Toynbee and Daisaku Ikeda(1975)
The collection of these talks is praised as "Textbook of all mankind" by world intelligence.
Toynbee denied state sense of history nor hero sense of history. And, he proposed civilization sense of history.
As for it, "Ordinary peoples" mean historical view of the leading role not "Special person".

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)
Hate the sin and love the sinner.






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